Closing out 2016

Well, folks, it's been almost 2 years since "The Confessional" EP came out, and a lot of miles driven, many sets of strings snapped and re-strung, and I've finally gotten into a real studio to record a full album.  Christen Mack, Ross Kiefer, and I finished recording Nelson County Wayside at On Pop of the World Studios a couple weeks ago, I have the cover art, and the tracks are currently being mixed and mastered.  I'm planning to have the CDs in hand by the end of January.  
Thanks to all who have come out to shows in the last couple years--whether in Greensboro, Leesburg, Purcellville, Winchester, Charlotte, Natural Bridge, Lynchburg, Smithfield, Chapel Hill, or Winston-Salem--I'm super-excited about finally having this album to share with you.  Stay in touch, and I'll keep you updated about the album!