Nelson County Wayside

by Colin Cutler

2 traditional songs and 8 originals, with stories spanning time and Virginia.  With banjo, guitar, fiddle, and bass, this album will take you on a journey from the medieval ballad-inspired "Two Blackbirds in a Tall Oak Tree" to the experiences of a soldier in Vietnam in "Long Way Down to Georgia."  The stories come alive with arresting images of guilt, love, and loss among the mountains and down the river. 

Colin Cutler--vocals, banjo, guitar
Christen Mack--fiddle, mandolin, viola
Ross Kiefer--bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at On Pop of the World Studios in Greensboro, NC

All lyrics (C) 2015, Colin Cutler, except for the traditional "Dink's Song" and "CC Rider."

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"Before They hang Me/
Blood on my Shoes" 

By Patrick Mason Films
Both songs on Nelson County Wayside


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