On the Road Again

The Peacock Feathers EP tour is off to a roaring start.  It opened with a Saturday show in the upper room of Jack’s Run Brewing, a block from where I used to live in Purcellville.  The building’s ghost only flickered the bathroom lights a couple times during the show. 

On Sunday, I gave a presentation on the history and influences of Appalachian folk music, including a sing-along of “Tom Dooley,” because every kid needs a murder ballad in their repertoire.  Also, while doing some research for the presentation, I found that the writer of one of my favorite Sacred Harp tunes, “Idumea,” was a Virginian.  Ananias Davison was from Shenandoah County and published Kentucky Harmony in Harrisonburg in 1816 (no word on why it was called Kentucky Harmony).

Getting to play Richmond on the Camel stage was an awesome opportunity to meet some other songwriters and hang out with some Army buddies.  I did the tourist thing the next morning with a visit to the VMFA’s display of the terra cotta warriors of Ying Zheng, emperor of the Qin.   The 8 figures were striking in their detail—the fired-clay robes still had folds in them, and the archers were tense. If you’re around Richmond, definitely stop in.

After a stop at the Blue Note Grill for BBQ and dancing with a friend, I got into Greensboro just in time be snowed in, but the mistakes I made in my early driving in Nebraska served me well enough that I made it to my gig at Common Grounds.  Just drop it to 3rd and keep under 25.  Despite the snow, we had a full house, as the Rinaldi Flying Circus, Farewell Friend, myself, and new friend Gretchen Pleuss played to folks who walked in from the neighborhood around. 

This morning, I worked on a new instrumental, then got a call from a friend to see if I wanted to help shovel snow for a bit of cash.  There’s all sorts of ways of making money, some more honest than others. Anyhow, it’s on to Carrboro on Friday, Winston-Salem on Saturday, and Greensboro’s Scuppernong Books on Sunday before a hiatus I’ll spend with family and at open mics. Then Lynchburg on the 26th and Richmond again on the 28th before I head back north.

See you on the road!